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She led by setting an exemplary example and then built concensus among others to follow.
But panelists acknowledged that they were unable to come to a concensus on issues such as the appropriate duration of treatment for menopausal symptoms and how best to discontinue treatment.
A concensus architecture, at least among architects.
The problem for the petroleum industry is that, when-ever they reach concensus, the players in this sector tend to become blind to what could be coming to them.
The concensus and "whisper" numbers that analysts forecast for a company's quarterly earnings report are now widely publicized.
Source Concensus, a feature that helps pharmacies ensure that their pharmaceutical call files have the most accurate contact information on prescribers.
In comparing the experience of tribal government development and post-colonial government development in Africa and Asia, it is striking how much of the world seeks concensus within the group and relegates competition to a behavior engaged in between groups.
And so she works toward building concensus on issues and finding solutions, rather than starting fights.
In carrying on its unilateral, disingenuous crusade, the United States has declared itself the vanguard of the Cuban human rights cause, defying a broad international concensus that includes leading Cuban dissidents and 102 members of the United Nations which supported a resolution condemning the embargo (the United States and Israel were the only countries who voted against the resolution).
There seems to be a universal concensus that ambulation for those with SCI was beneficial for a small number of patients.
To use a concensus approach in setting simple, measurable, relevant and realistic goals for the department position for the upcoming year.