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Now 81, she still bears a number tattooed on her left arm when she arrived at a Nazi concentration camp, and the gathering was told about her experiences.
The author should refrain from trivialising the horrid fate of millions of victims of concentration camps.
As a candidate for Auschwitz (Oswiecim) concentration camp, being accused of forming a Polish Youth Legion, I was very much interested in it from the very beginning.
As did the following correspondent, who wrote: "Polish death camp and Polish concentration camp are controversial terms that occasionally appear in international media in reference to Nazi German concentration camps built and run by Nazis during the Holocaust in parts of occupied Poland.
I WAS deeply impressed with the article by your reporter Sam Wood reflecting on his visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland with 200 schoolchildren from the North East (The Journal, January 27).
Moreover, concentration camps should not be confused or equated with Nazi extermination camps.
In this article, the author refers to two Canadians who were captured and held in "a Polish concentration camp.
But around three years later the acre-long compound was re-designated a concentration camp, and in the two-year period that followed an estimated 50,000 prisoners died at the site.
It took me two years working night and day to build,'' the Museum Man said about his homemade concentration camp, with soldiers looking down from towers at 600 Stars of David lined up in rows and surrounded by barbed wire.
The first concentration camps were built in 1933 to imprison Hitler's political enemies.

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