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One night at dinner, the concentric circles simply failed to materialize.
This coming June, in further celebration of the magic of light, diffraction gratings will be installed to radiate rainbows of color throughout the glass cube, while an updated armillary sphere of concentric circles will be unveiled at the Columbus Avenue entrance and depict New York City's location on January 1, 2000.
4 Stare for twenty seconds at the black dot in the middle of the concentric circles.
Researchers represented the person-centered attributes and organizational-level elements as two concentric circles supporting the core collaborative community.
The International Public Relations Association (IPRA), in a Gold Paper issued in 1990, pictured the ideal curriculum for public relations graduates as a series of three concentric circles.
Psychologist Gordon Allport described the phenomenon of concentric circles around the self, beginning with the family; extending to racial, ethnic, and religious compatriots; and then to members of the community or country.
The court, as Malcolm Smuts's "Cultural Diversity and Cultural Change" points out, was not a single place or a set of concentric circles emanating from the king's person, but polycentric, less cohesive than the Elizabethan court, less dominated by royal taste or a royal cultural program than the Caroline or contemporary French regimes.
she was here once before / this time a friend comes too, a weathercock the manchild at the comer piano, coppery as a tobacco leaf, pulling sweetness out of it, like taffy / his voice too lyrics he's written himself / his brown luster glance / the pull between her legs, flowing out concentric circles, a stone dropped in a lake .
In the centre of the dwelling space there is a series of concentric circles housing pigs and chickens and, in the very centre, the hall for ancestral worship.
Work in concentric circles around the trunk, gradually moving outward toward the drip line until you have used the injector about every 3 feet.
The AllStarAgents model can be pictured as a series of concentric circles, placing the real estate agent at the bull's-eye.
Instead, the existing models envisioned a star as a series of concentric circles, with heavier elements like iron and silicon in the center and lighter elements like carbon, helium and oxygen towards the surface.