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My concept of evil has changed during the time I've spent working on this book.
The essays in this collection highlight a number of perspectives on how the concept of evil is experienced, constructed, and confronted, from Christian, Muslim, secular, and traditional African religious perspectives.
The philosopher Raimond Gaita asks, "Does the concept of evil mark out a distinctive moral reality?
Susan Nieman's Evil in Modern Thought (2002), cited by Paulson, is an important corollary work in the history of philosophy; Jeffery Burton Russell's volumes on the Devil in Western thought, literature, and art provide a magisterial survey of the evolution of the concept of evil from antiquity to the present.
They examine the role of the divine, sacrifices and prayers, the unseen world of the ancestors, the concept of evil, the explicable yet inexplicable servants, the possible yet impossible rituals, and the triumph of spirit over matter.
Here, he argues that forensic psychiatry is not immune to the concept and compiles 18 essays on the concept of evil by scholars from various fields based in the UK, US, and Australia.

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