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Concept maps are intended to represent meaningful relationships between concepts in the form of propositions.
Thus, there is no "halfway" house between the two concepts of sex.
For our purposes, awareness of Heideggerian concepts, translated to the business world by Lester and Piore, provides one framework for understanding strategic transformational concepts and implementing them at the tactical level.
We reached into the Palmdale area for all of the concepts because they have the design capability,'' Perrigo said.
Observation on the differences between pre- and post evaluation mean scores for the Piers-Harris Children's Self Concept Scale revealed gains in three of the experimental classes concerning students' self ratings of self concept.
Who cares if the concept is a dictionary definition or (as Sol Le Witt put it in his founding explanation of Conceptual art) a predetermined "machine that makes the art"?
In either case, concept mapping can be used as a communication tool for people to use to discuss concepts and the relationships between the concepts.
The key concepts were chosen to address the three applications described above.
This alphabet soup of acronyms and faddish concepts has seldom enjoyed long-term credibility with executive management.
There is little question that the concept was significant.
First, concepts such as the universal plan and hoteling can cut the cost of internal employee moves through more flexible space utilization and furniture standards.
LOS ANGELES -- Beverage Concepts, LLC and Authentic Hendrix made noise today at the NAMM Show by announcing the launch of the only official beverage line to carry the exclusive rights to the Jimi Hendrix name and image.