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noun clarification, decipherment, decoding, delimitation, delineation, demarcation, description, equivalent meaning, exact meaning, exact statement, explanation, explication, expressed meaning, formulation, identification, illumination, interpretation, making intelligible, meaning, representation, simplification, statement of meannng, synonym, translation
Foreign phrases: Omnis definitio in jure civili periculosa est, parum est enim ut non subverti possit.Every definiiion in the law is dangerous, because there is little that cannot be subverted.
See also: clarification, construction, description, explanation, identification, meaning, rendition, specification

DEFINITION. An enumeration of the principal ideas of which a compound idea is formed, to ascertain and explain its nature and character; or it is that which denotes and points out the substance of a thing, to us. Ayliffe's Pand. 59.
     2. A definition ought to contain every idea which belongs to the thing defined, and exclude all others.
     3. A definition should be, 1st. Universal, that is, such that it will apply equally to all individuals of, the same kind. 2d. Proper, that is, such that it will not apply to any other individual of any other kind. 3d. Clear, that is, without any equivocal, vague, or unknown word. 4th. Short, that is, without any useless word, or any foreign to the idea intended to be defined.
     4. Definitions are always dangerous, because it is always difficult to prevent their being inaccurate, or their becoming so; omnis definitio injure civili periculosa est, parum est enim, ut non subvertipossit.
     5. All ideas are not susceptible of definitions, and many words cannot be defined. This inability is frequently supplied, in a considerable degree, by descriptions. (q.v.)

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question then becomes whether such conceptual definition, of imposing
Assessment of content validity includes an evaluation of the congruence of items with conceptual definitions, the relevance of the items to the underlying construct and the comprehensiveness of the overall tool in capturing the construct of interest.
This example brings ethics and integrity into the conceptual definition.
Figure 1 illustrates the relationship between the formal conceptual definition of theory and its properties.
Although HRQL is a widely used construct, there is little agreement on its conceptual definition (Clinch & Schipper, 1993; Fayers, Hand, Bjordal, & Groenvold, 1997; King et al.
The inconsistency between the federal SLD conceptual definition and classification criteria should not be ignored.
Issues related to the conceptual definition of economic bond cause the greatest problems.
This article represents a beginning effort to fill the need for a conceptual definition of cultural competence for TRA parents based primarily on an extensive review of the literature, as well as feedback from a panel of experts and a group of TRA parents.
The above analysis suggests that the stipulative definition of EG is the most appropriate conceptual definition of the construct (Table 1).
Conceptual definition -- Any office visit that a patient makes regarding a problem addressed at a previous office visit.
Most records management programs operate under a conceptual definition and a set of assumptions that are several decades old: a record is recorded information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, created in the course of an institution's business.
In fact, Young said that compilation services do not fit the conceptual definition of attestation services provided by the Auditing Standards Board.

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