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Accordingly, the recognition that genocide requires the proof of a mens rea element in the establishment of both state and individual responsibility is not inconsistent with the general conceptual scheme described above.
In the Shona moral conceptual scheme, the proverb only serves as a moral attitude that can be used to assess the practice of skin bleaching.
In learning, acquiring, a conceptual scheme one is enriched with a capacity to experience reality through its concepts, but the process also serves to set up a barrier against that which cannot be grasped through them.
The criterion of a conceptual scheme different from our own now becomes: largely true but not translatable.
In "On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme" (1974), what Davidson tries to make sense of is the idea of a conceptual scheme and its counterpart, empirical content, conceived of in a global way in common with Quine.
Boland's In Her Own Image defies the hegemonic conceptual scheme that underlies such an assumption by the inclusion of the female body and its complex sexuality in the poems, thus subverting the biblical myth of woman's creation as Adam's appendix: "And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from Man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man" (Gen 2.
Theology is a form of knowing with its own conceptual scheme, logical structure and truth criteria.
An alternative angle for examining the idea of the "conceptual scheme" and its relationship to anamorphosis is provided by the philosopher Donald Davidson, in an article from 1974 entitled "On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme.
According to Wittgenstein, a language or conceptual scheme does not state or describe anything and so does not mirror or represent the world: a language cannot be true or false.
The PLISSIT model: A proposed conceptual scheme for behavioral treatment of sexual problems, Journal of Sex Education Therapy.
Drawing on evidence from both theoretical and empirical research, this paper delineates a conceptual scheme of the product quality, purchase value, and price, especially as perceived by consumers.
One consequence of this is that, while the subject may take the world or conceptual scheme that it inhabits as coherent, the subject itself is a contradiction, the presence of which constitutes a disruption within that very scheme.

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