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Inconsistently, however, and despite his protestations, Wiredu (1995:133) at least once translates okra in Akan conceptual scheme as soul and it ontologically transcends the biological.
Skin bleaching, in the Shona conceptual scheme, is a movement from reality to an appearance.
This was observed based on the proposed conceptual scheme, when in the case under study, the strategy making of the produce merchants was articulated around the thematas family/survival/work and public/private.
In learning, acquiring, a conceptual scheme one is enriched with a capacity to experience reality through its concepts, but the process also serves to set up a barrier against that which cannot be grasped through them.
Another conceptual scheme invoked by Israel to excuse civilian casualties is that of human shields, according to which it is acceptable to murder humans as long as they are located in the vicinity of a terrorist.
In the traditional data modeling approach, before a relation logical scheme of database, comes a conceptual scheme or a conceptual specification which represents the result of conceptual modeling (Vuk, 2007).
What the narrator puts into his notebooks are just those aspects of music ("themes and melodies") that fit into the notation and conceptual scheme of western classical music, while left out are all the elements that contribute to the power and beauty of performances such as Singing Johnson's, all that makes up what the narrator refers to as "that elusive undertone, the note in music which is not heard with the ears" (181).
Theology is a form of knowing with its own conceptual scheme, logical structure and truth criteria.
Because our application has a complex conceptual scheme, we could not use a traditional, relational database.
Drawing on evidence from both theoretical and empirical research, this paper delineates a conceptual scheme of the product quality, purchase value, and price, especially as perceived by consumers.
Language is supposed to be a kind of filter through which our experience is made intelligible, but according to Davidson, the idea of such a conceptual scheme is itself unintelligible, since we can only make sense of the idea of different conceptual schemes if we can compare them against the background of a wider scheme that includes them both.
It was both the strength and the weakness of Frye's version of intertextuality that his startling analogies and cross-references formed part of a conceptual scheme.

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