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It also means seeing Smetana as any other world composer of his time, so that I could discern, say, Italianate formal structures such as largo concertato and cantabile-cabaletta forms in some of Smetana's operas.
89-91, and the sonatinas for cembalo concertato, flutes, and strings Wq.
per il cembalo concertato (Hamburg, 1772), listed in Katalog 169, item 32.
Daniele Carnini groups Verdi's varied uses of the concertato (an ensemble reaction to the revelation of key dramatic details) into categories that depend on the presence of individualized responses and on the type of musical textures and structures employed.
All Ye Who Hear: a Hymn Concertato on Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.
The other six concertos that Bach authorized for publication appear under their title of Sei concerti per il cembalo concertato as III/8 of the edition, edited by Douglas A.
Chronologically the Geistliche Chormusik is flanked by Schutz's second and third books of Symphoniae sacrae (1647, 1650) and forms a contrasting pendant to these latter collections of opulent concertato works for mixed vocal and instrumental forces.
Both collections are large and startlingly heterogeneous both in genre and in scoring: opus 8 contains sonatas (including the well-known variation sonata on La monica), capriccios, sinfonias, ritornellos, canzonas, dance movements, and a tremendous "Passemezzo concertato in dieci parti"; opus 22 has sonatas (one of which is based ingeniously on the traditional tune "Fuggi, dolente core," also known as the Barabano), dance movements, and a four-part "Passacaglio" (in a rondeau form anticipating the French type familiar from Francois Couperin's Passecaille in B minor from the 8e ordre of the Second livre de pieces de clavecin [Paris: auteur, 1716-17]) that has become almost a "lollipop" on the early music scene.
The enigmatic music of Berengario alternates between utter melancholy and wild temper; Merighi and Strada have both concertato and dance pieces; and the sweetness of the final love duet is enhanced by intriguingly dissonant figurations.
Concertato on Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, for SATB Choir and Congregation, with Organ Acc.
As Iain Fenlon, following a thesis first advanced by Massimo Ossi ("Claudio Monteverdi's Concertato Technique and Its Role in the Development of His Musical Thought" [Ph.
Seliges Erwagen is remarkable for its expressive writing, with vivid, imaginative word painting and instrumental effects, such as two concertato violins depicting the drops of blood-tinged sweat in the siciliana aria "Ihr blutgen SchweiBrubinen" (no.

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