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BEIRUT: Amnesty International said Tuesday that the remains of kidnapped British journalist Alec Collett recovered last week "once again draws attention to the need for concerted action to reveal the fate of thousands of Lebanese, Palestinians and others who were abducted during the 1975-90 Civil War.
In this study we applied cattle microsatellite markers that have been approved for diversity studies of cattle by the EU AIRE 2066 Concerted Action Group and recommended by the MoDAD program (FAO), to analyze the genetic variation and diversity of the Thai swamp buffalo from eight locations in Thailand.
We know that concerted action will make a difference as we have witnessed in the case of CFCs and the ozone layer but it needs action, not warm words or gestures.
elected a new president, signaling that its members are "prepared to move into a new period of strong, concerted action to rebuild their profession," according to the union.
AT long last Scotland seems to be taking real and concerted action to tackle football hooliganism, with Cathy Jamieson announcing the introduction of bans of up to 10 years to boot out the bigots.
If the members of the Security Council cannot take prompt concerted action, North Korea will simply ignore the international community and continue to develop nuclear weapons and missiles.
Often regional, national, or even global concerted action is necessary to achieve the advances in our services that are possible.
4 in a concerted action with the International Energy Agency, as the current discharge period is set to expire Monday, the Natural Resources and Energy Agency said.
Taking concerted action to promote and protect young people's rights in Burkina Faso.
We believe only concerted action can begin to eradicate the problem.
Whereas other states in close proximity to such rogue states are clearly alarmed enough by the impending threat to take courageous concerted action in opposition;
This money would go to the payment of social insurance, concerted action by the cantons and banning guilty employers from applying for public contracts.

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