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United Concierge Medicine is leading technology-enabled health care provider, delivering a unique product at the intersection of concierge medicine and telemedicine.
Law, Medicine, and Wealth: Does Concierge Medicine Promote Health Care Choice, or Is It a Barrier to Access?
IT'S NOT CONCIERGE MEDICINE--Direct primary care is often confused with concierge medicine (see sidebar).
Concierge medicine is an emerging area with a wide-variety of program offerings.
He said from that he learned that concierge medicine is so demanding that it's for a select few who have the right frame of mind.
Concierge medicine has the reputation of being for the rich, but Beard and others said that's not the case.
Umbehr discusses the nature of concierge medicine, his own version of this revolutionary approach to health care, and the various ways in which his approach results in higher-quality, lower-cost, higher-profit health care that both sidesteps and undermines ObamaCare.
Over the next one to three years, more than 50 percent of physicians will cut back on patients seen, work part-time, switch to concierge medicine, retire, or take other steps likely to reduce patient access, the survey finds.
Multidisciplinary clinic space including dental and concierge medicine will be located adjacent to the hospital.
MODEL TWO: This direct primary care movement is an inverted model of concierge medicine for the wealthy, but its taproot extends to the time before traditional health insurance.
PKB has also recently started working with health charity the AKU Society and with Invictus Health, a concierge medicine provider providing a premium patient service.