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23, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In the first edition of "The Doctor's Guide To Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care," leading industry experts and physicians provide guidance on issues ranging from startup considerations, funding options, and business model pros and cons to effectively staffing and marketing a membership medicine practice.
Readers Will Receive: Physician expertise shared by over two dozen successful industry leading Concierge Medicine and DPC Physicians; Advice on choosing the right business model; Legal information to help you play by the rules; Guidance on business planning and launch; Hints for effective patient communication; proven strategies to acquire new patients; Marketplace research; the latest policy updates and more.
IT'S NOT CONCIERGE MEDICINE--Direct primary care is often confused with concierge medicine (see sidebar).
Hoffmann is phenomenal now compared to what it was before he switched to concierge medicine.
Caption: Concierge medicine has a reputation of being limited to wealthy patients, but personal physician and former emergency room doctor Amy Beard says, "My fees are less than some people's cell phone bills.
Conrad Murray's arrangement with Michael Jackson was a textbook example of celebrity concierge medicine, and his conviction suggests that their professional relationship was distorted by the aforementioned concerns.
PKB has also recently started working with health charity the AKU Society and with Invictus Health, a concierge medicine provider providing a premium patient service.
Some physicians looking for the steady income and slower pace of concierge medicine who have not wanted to give up their traditional practice have found a new solution: a hybrid practice that lets them devote a small percentage to the retainer side while keeping their roster of traditional patients.
Updated, this edition includes information on the significance of aligning strategy, staffing, and systems; evidence-based service management and design principles; customer relationship management; internet-based opportunities for various purposes, including communication information, marketing, recruitment, feedback, and training; and retail clinics, concierge medicine, telemedicine, and other customer-driven innovations.
2) Concierge medicine borrows an idea, retainer fees, from lawyers.
At its core, concierge medicine is the ultimate rejection of managed care.
The practice even has a ritzy moniker: concierge medicine.