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While the patient concierge service can be utilized with a wide range of studies, the level of support provided by the service is extremely valuable in therapeutic areas in which the patients and their caregivers are navigating especially challenging trial logistics or in which complex travel arrangements to sites must be made.
Therefore, for us to be hosting a renowned and knowledgeable individual in Hardie and for our workforce to be given the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the company's concierge service exemplifies our drive to grow from within, which in turn highlights our strive to constantly evolve and excel in the provision of our services and products for our customers," he added.
The new concierge services at Wynyard Park will include taking in groceries and a Mercedes shuttle bus
It effectively revolutionizes what today's luxury, urban lifestyle means by putting a diverse array of on-call concierge services at the tip of residents' fingers," said Foster.
Because concierge service helps reduce employee stress, it's a natural fit with EAPs.
NEW ROLE Helen Attley is to head the new concierge service at DurhamGate
Wurk Environments has partnered with Abigail Michaels to bring concierge services to the short-term tenants at their 65,000-square-foot space at 1515 Broadway in Times Square.
Lonn Hoklin, a state government spokesman, said the concierge service is part of a package of assistance services provided by the company that the state contracts with for its employee assistance program and doesn't cost any additional taxpayer dollars.
Airports in Milan, Madrid and New York (JFK) will initially have HelpPoint kiosks as part of ZFSG's campaign but during 2009 these kiosks will also have personal concierge services.
The Partnership also revealed today that it intends to launch a concierge service next month aimed at building on its range of services for member companies and raising its profile on the city's streets.
It includes a great value tariff, guaranteed service promise and concierge services bundled together, leaving Britain's start-ups free to get on with getting their businesses off the ground.