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CONCILIUM. A day allowed to a defendant to make his defence; an imparlance, 4 Bl. Com. 356, n.; 3 T. R. 530.

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As Henricus Fortmann explains in the issue of Concilium cited above, the world for ancient people was "animated," filled with "numinous powers" that were experienced daily as a simple reality.
La performance des musiciens de Concilium Musicum Wien et ceux de Dar El Gharnatia reposent sur la volonte de presenter une musique creative, ouverte a d'autres styles du monde.
During the Principate and especially the later Principate--and even more so during the Dominate --the Jurists not only received salaries but became public officials in the Concilium of the Emperor.
In other words, Sacrosanctum Concilium considers "sacredness" always derived from the liturgy, which is the presence and action of Christ in his Mystical Body.
105) Timothei Patriarchae 1, Epistolae, as quoted in Wilhelm de Vries, "The 'College of Patriarchs,'" Concilium, vol.
Cordelia successfully performs telekinesis, transmutation, concilium and descensum.
In addition to distributing electronic test equipment, Concilium Technologies also provides partner accredited calibration and repair services.
Concilium Plebis meanwhile is a collection of portraits of ordinary people, which were started in 2008 with Arts Council funding, in the style of Caravaggio and the Old Masters and which gained her international attention.
Working with Concilium, Agilent will contribute significantly to the country's educational development for engineers.
The power of naming: A concilium reader in feminist liberation theology (pp.
Rowland in her book discusses Ratzinger's position toward the church's liturgy, specifically the implementation of Vatican II's Sacrosanctum Concilium (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy) and its desire to inculturate worship.
9) et ut heresis amplius in populo non resurgat, sicut invenimus in Adlaberto heresim, quem publiciter una voce condempnaverunt XXIII episcopi et alii multi sacerdotes cure consensu principis et populi; ira condempnaverunt ipsum Adlabertum, ut amplius populus per falsos sacerdotes deceptus nopereat: Concilium Suessionense (a.