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The first half was a frustrating and cagey affair in Malabo with both sides concious of the importance of the result.
The Granary: Not Yo Mama's New Year's Eve: The NYE Shake Down, including Elena Leona Project with Ilima of the Sexbots, Stephen Rose, Silva Mogart and Bree Concious, 8 p.m., $8.
Safety of propofol for concious sedation during endoscopic procedures in high-risk patients - a prospective controlled study.
It is interesting that models can be concious or unconcious, and according to Levi-Strauss, particular aspects assumed by each culture would be responsibility of unconcious mental structures, hence the method proposed by the structural analysis in linguistic and anthropology: capturing such (unconscious) models which are accountable by the others (conscious) that are nothing more than deformed effects of the first ones.
Although we are concious that the reason of morbidity and mortality of albanian population is a complex issue, we are trying for the first time to understand in this study the influence of environment and physical activity in this matter.
Lambert, "Optimum disassembly sequence generation," in Environmentally Concious Manufacturing, vol.
South Central Ambulance spokesman James Keating-Wilkes said the victim was "concious and breathing".
The 16.5 metre high by 19.2 metre long duck is the work of Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman, who says the idea is to unite people and make them concious about the planet.
Perhaps, the youngest judge among the six judges, the only Supreme Court Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu, watching her during a highly publicized SC proceedings, the graceful lady justice for seven days, hearing her legal comments, remarks and 'feminine' appeal, I am even more convinced that Affirmative Action for a more concious women's inclusion in decision and policy-making processes is the way to go.
If it's low cal why not aim at the mass market of the health concious not just women?
Consumers are also finding different ways to accessorise that has prompted the designer to introduce products likejewelled clutches and hair ornaments to this market, but admits that such products have not yet seen a marked uptake in countries like Oman which happens to be a more price concious market.
"When we arrived on the scene she was concious but had suffered a blow to the head.