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When we arrived on the scene she was concious but had suffered a blow to the head.
We made a real concious effort to make sure he stopped Stewart Downing to start with because he's a major threat.
The brother of John F Kennedy and Democrat grandee was one of two senators taken ill during the event but was said to be concious as he was wheeled out of the event by medics.
So even though the colour it gives is even and deep, I was very concious of the scent.
However, this grass-court season he seems to have made a concious decision to give it his best shot in the singles as he reached the final in Nottingham before producing a rock-solid display of attacking tennis to trounce Rainer Schuttler in straight sets in the first round on Tuesday.
I think in the summer, or even possibly January, there will be have to be a concious effort to bring in a number of those type players.
But again because I never got selected for the major tournaments its always made me a bit concious of wanting to do well.
What could be stingy to me, could be being money concious to someone else.
The analogous case is that the standard earnings function does not require a concious policy that wages increase with experience and education, but the earnings function captures market returns which demonstrate those tendencies.
Our hypothesis is that there exists a concious choice of reproductive goals among married couples and there is no likelihood of any significant change in these expressed choices over time for the last twenty years.
Ribeiro RA, Fiuza de Melo MMR, Barros F, Gomes C, Trolin C (1986) Acute antihypertensive effect in concious rats produced by some medicinal plants used in the State of Sao Paulo.
In this situation, choosing to pay creditors (whose services were essential to keeping the business going) rather than the employment taxes was not a concious, intentional failure or reckless indifference.