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Thorning-Schmidt's famous selfie has now helped make her more famous than most of her real-life predecessors - and maybe even Borgen's fictional premier Birgitte Nyborg - and propelled her into the global conciousness.
If you have fallen or lost conciousness on two or more occasions, see your GP who can book you into our Falls and Syncope Service.
Traumatic circumstances, leading to an altered state of conciousness dominated by a wish to flee, are thought to be the underlying cause of most fugue episodes.
However, just as a car was nothing without petrol, knowledge was nothing without character -- and without a conciousness of something bigger than each individual, he reminded them.
The rest were reasons of headache and dizziness and loss of conciousness and neurological deficits and 3.
The moderating role of price conciousness on the effectiveness of price discounts and premium promotions, Journal of Product & Brand Management 18(4): 306-312.
Black feminist thought: Knowledge, conciousness, and the politics of empowerment.
And in turn, he communicated in order to heighten the conciousness of his audience and clarify the connections among ideas.
The piece draws on Julian Jaynes's The Origin of Conciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind and Laurie Garrett's The Coming Plague.
Output presents Clouds The Caves, Edinburgh Scottish DJ duo Clouds take to the decks straight from the release of their latest EP, Conciousness.
The stunned bear quickly lost conciousness, and fell out of the tree into a specially prepared net.
my contention would be that in South Africa the political and material circumstances which conditioned art production have produced a kind of dialectic between craft and conceptualism, the manual and the mental, where the hand (and by implication, the body and materiality) was not simply rejected; where passion for conventional art media and the value of the hand and work interlace with a strong relationship to materiality, embodiment, language, conciousness of insurrection and dissent, an open attitude to found objects, and a preoccupation with documentation as a species of historical witnessing of ephemeral and traumatic events, (bl.