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Black feminist thought: Knowledge, conciousness, and the politics of empowerment.
And in turn, he communicated in order to heighten the conciousness of his audience and clarify the connections among ideas.
The piece draws on Julian Jaynes's The Origin of Conciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind and Laurie Garrett's The Coming Plague.
Output presents Clouds The Caves, Edinburgh Scottish DJ duo Clouds take to the decks straight from the release of their latest EP, Conciousness.
Para Bell Gale Chevigny, el lector experimenta "a terminal invasion of conciousness," ya que con este libro entra en contacto con el torturador, por lo que "not the least of the horrors as we close the book is that Orphee has seduced us into ah intuitive understanding of a person capable of torture" (103).
The stunned bear quickly lost conciousness, and fell out of the tree into a specially prepared net.
This double conciousness that Cota-Cardenas situates at the core of the narrative voice explains why Petra intercalates her life and her name with those of La Malinche as the paradigmatic figure who embodies duality and existence between worlds.
my contention would be that in South Africa the political and material circumstances which conditioned art production have produced a kind of dialectic between craft and conceptualism, the manual and the mental, where the hand (and by implication, the body and materiality) was not simply rejected; where passion for conventional art media and the value of the hand and work interlace with a strong relationship to materiality, embodiment, language, conciousness of insurrection and dissent, an open attitude to found objects, and a preoccupation with documentation as a species of historical witnessing of ephemeral and traumatic events, (bl.
I have struggled, to the limit of my abilities, to talk about Shakespeare and not about myself, but I am certain that the plays have flooded my conciousness, and that the plays read me better than I read them" (xix-xx).
But what is worth noting as the economy continues towobble are the businesses and organizations that are succeeding, and not with a win-at-all costs approach butwith ethical principles and community conciousness intact, whether by seeing opportunity where others seeonly obstacles or simply by refusing to let obstacles derail their vision.
The nature of the diet can cause the loss of conciousness and fainting and may explain this otherwise inexplicable crash.
In our case, only severe headache and blurring of conciousness was present without positive Kernig and Brudgenski signs (6).