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Concordancing provides for multiple or repeated exposures, and in using a concordancer students are likely to be motivated by the "need" to use phrasal verbs in their communications (Wu et al 2010).
Is there any significant difference between reading with input enhancement group and concordancing group in terms of their influence on EFL learners' acquisition of phrasal verbs?
This concordancing was done by analyzing the corpus through a computer program.
It should be noted that all the three groups in this study were taught by the same teacher who was the researcher herself and her knowledge of utilizing input enhancement method and concordancing method was identical.
To carry out parallel concordancing in English and Chinese, I constructed an English-Chinese parallel corpus and developed a software package, English Chinese Parallel Concordancer (Wang, 2000).
Although parallel concordancing has been carried out between several European languages, it seems not to have been previously extended to non-alphabetic languages such as Chinese.
Unlike other concordancing programs such as Microconcord (Johns, 1986) or Wordsmith (Scott, 2000), which can be used on any collection of texts, a parallel concordancer must be used on a corpus consisting of parallel texts in two or more languages.