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And one of the most effective tools is a graffiti-busting machine pumping out the concotion so it acts like a sandblaster under 200lbs of pressure.
Dribbling the concotion into a rather seductive glass through a mini sieve, I try my most daring stunt yet, sparking a burst of flame with orange peel over the surface.
Born-again doper David Millar, who served a two-year ban for using banned concotion EPO, has been so cleansed of past misdemeanours that he has been made captain of the Garmin team.
But today you can't get away with anything less than aromatherapy, moisturing concotion with really cool packaging and a posh name.
She's also been using a homeopathic concotion which includes ant poison.
At a Google talk in early 2014, Adam said that the "hair of the dog" cure has led to the concotion of many cocktails, like the Bloody Mary.

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