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3) If [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], then either E [assertion sign] m':Public or E [assertion sign] m:Secret, and there is a concretion A such that
Like most shipwreck artifacts, the cannons were found covered with a grayish concretion, an inch-thick, rock-hard crust of sand, salt, and calcium carbonate, a chemical compound found in seashells.
The concretion is formed when, due to erosion, the layers of sedimentary rock are taken away, which causes them to be round.
Pyrite forms fine-crystalline disseminations, thin interlayers and concretions with different forms and sizes.
The bumps are concretions, or clumps of minerals, which formed when water soaked the rock long ago.
1 Bezoars are concretions found in the stomach or intestines.
They distinguished: 1) mineralization within coal seams; 2) mineralization in 'pelosiderite' concretions (incipient diagenetic stage); and 3) mineralization associated with fractures and breccia zones in the surrounding rocks.
Rhinoliths are rare calcareous concretions that form as the result of a deposition of salts on an intranasal foreign body.
These crystals occur in concretions that formed in an Upper Cretaceous shale.
In some clams, abnormal calcifications in the form of loose calcium concretions or growth disruptions on the inner shell surface were present, which were from slightly to strongly colored (Fig.
The same type of iron oxide concretions form within some Utah sandstones, says Marjorie A.
In addition, more disseminated concretions or concretion-like (nodules) accumulations may be formed where water fluctuations occur through a large segment of the solum (Brewer 1976).