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Mineralogically, these resemble carbonate concretions found in the bedded members of the Bluestone Quarry Formation (e.
Because of the lower groundwater table in the middle terrace, iron mottles and concretions are limited to, and less extensive and visible in, the lower profile (Fig.
The concretion is formed when, due to erosion, the layers of sedimentary rock are taken away, which causes them to be round.
Pyrite forms fine-crystalline disseminations, thin interlayers and concretions with different forms and sizes.
The bumps are concretions, or clumps of minerals, which formed when water soaked the rock long ago.
At the crater where Opportunity had landed, it soon saw proof of ancient flowing water: little hematite balls, concretions formed by iron particles flowing through cavities in the ground.
We may wonder about the place of the stalagmite concretions at the heart of the structure: were they already present prior to the anthropogenic redevelopment of the blocks?
Anstey reads Locke as proposing a constrained and convergent conventionalism about natural species: there are species in nature, "stable, corpuscular concretions distinguishable into kinds that are not reducible by any known form of analysis" (24).
Reflex hypersecretion may be caused by blepharitis, trichiasis, distichiasis, entropion, conjunctival concretions, foreign bodies, dry eyes, eyelashes 'stuck' in the tear punctum, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasions, and anterior uveitis (through photophobia).
Within these crypts, foreign particles, keratin, and exfoliated epithelium collect and calcify over time, changing from soft gels to caseous concretions known as tonsilloliths.
Tonsilloliths act as a localised concentration of bacteria that ultimately calcifies by progressing from a soft gel to hard concretions (2).