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CONCUBINE. A woman who cohabits with a man as his wife, without being married.

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But even for concubines, there was discipline, he says, and a man found with another man's concubine was to be beaten.
At this point Indian, Celestial, Quest, Rockall, Concubine and Smuggler were top six overall, with Ichi Ban hot on their tails, but by lunchtime Ichi Ban led from Wizard with a challenge from Quest looming.
The Bible teaches that if a wife doesn't conceive an heir for the husband, it's just dandy for him to sire one with a concubine (or handmaid), but then if his wife later does bear a son, it's OK to disown the concubine's son and to drive her and that child out into the desert and not care if they live or die.
It is this pervasive representation of the mulatresse as concubine that I am compelled to reexamine in this paper.
Aided by a couple of cardinals and a number of priests, the patriarch officiated over Sunday mass service in which he recited verses from the New Testament Gospels of Luke depicting Mary's initial perplexed response to the news of her Immaculate Annunciation by the angel Gabriel; Resigned to her Divinely - ordained fate, Mary simply uttered willingness at becoming God's mere concubine by submitting to his will
But, apparently, it's fair game to call a woman a concubine, even during plenary when Carwyn Jones was renominated as First Minister.
The root l-y-n, meaning "to lodge" or "stay overnight," is used 71 times in the Tanakh: 13 times in chapters 18-20 of Judges, 12 of these occurring in the concubine of Gibeah episode, a tale of perverse hospitality that leads to rape, killing, and ultimately civil-war (see, for example, Judg.
Empress Dowager Cixi The Concubine Who Launched Modern China.
When the beautiful concubine ZhaoJun refuses to supply the corrupt minister MAOYANSHOU with his usual bribe he makes sure she's hidden away from the Emperor, but ZhaoJun is a resourceful woman and engineers a chance meeting with the Emperor.
Intervenant, mercredi, lors des debats sur le projet de loi des finances pour 2015, elle a affirme que ce Departement a [beaucoup moins que] depense d'enormes sommes dans l'organisation de seminaires mettant sur un pied d'egalite les droits de l'epouse et ceux de la concubine [beaucoup plus grand que], ajoutant que le secretariat d'Etat alloue une large part du budget finance par le contribuable tunisien a un projet de loi qui demolit l'institution du mariage et met sur le meme pied d'egalite mariage et adultere et partant nuit a l'essence meme du code de statut personnel.
This book brings to life Cixi's journey from her time in a harem as a concubine, to the birth of her son, to her efforts to quell bloody rebellions.
My focus will be on Chariton's novel Callirhoe, the lively story of an exceptionally beautiful Greek woman--the fictional Callirhoe--who is compelled to become a concubine at the Persian royal court.