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CONCURRENCE, French law. The equality of rights, or privilege which several persons-have over the same thing; as, for example, the right which two judgment creditors, Whose judgments were rendered at the same time, have to be paid out of the proceeds of real estate bound by them. Dict. de Jur. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"So there is no need for [Senate] concurrence," he reiterated.
Echoing this column, Leonen reframed that the two narrow issues are whether (1) our Constitution requires concurrence and (2) the Supreme Court even has jurisdiction.
"Upon reconfirming their willingness to be repatriated (on October 3, 2018), and with the full concurrence of the Government of Myanmar, in accordance with established procedures and laws, the Government of Assam has arranged for the repatriation of these seven individuals to Myanmar, " he added.
'With House concurrence, a bicameral conference committee is no longer necessary.
While the concurrence without opinion--or silent concurrence--is now rarely used on the Supreme Court, it remains a steady feature on the federal courts of appeals.
With a vote of 10 against 4, EDCA was declared legal by the SC, upholding the position of Malacanang that the co-operation agreement is an executive pact and does not need senate concurrence.
Le clan Ben Ali choisissait les secteurs ou il prenait pied, evitant ceux ou il y avait trop de concurrence."Il est plus facile de faire de l'argent quand il ya des reglements qui vous protegent de la concurrence et encore plus quand vous pouvez creer de nouveaux reglements adaptes a vos besoins', declare Caroline Freund, co-auteur du rapport de l'Institut Peterson d'economie internationale.
L'examen du dossier de la recente hausse du prix du lait et les modalites de vente de billets electroniques par la Royal Air Maroc denoncees par des agences de voyage dominent les travaux de la 27eme session du conseil de la concurrence, tenue jeudi a Rabat.
Derriere, la concurrence n'a pas faibli: le Racing-Metro, toujours imperial, a confirme ses pretentions aux phases finales avec un neuvieme succes d'affilee, face a Perpignan (23-19).
Summary: DUBAI - Following the conclusion of its Annual General Meeting, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) announced that the assembly has approved the distribution of a 12.5 per cent cash dividend for the year 2011, with the concurrence of the Central Bank of the UAE.
L'ouvrage recense, tire de la these de doctorat de l'auteur, presente un tres grand interet, meme pour les non specialistes du droit de la concurrence. Il propose une analyse comparee du droit canadien et du droit europeen en matiere de controle des pratiques antieoncurrentielles : ententes, abus de position dominante et fusions.
Corley (political science, Vanderbilt U.) conducts a study of concurrence opinion writing on the US Supreme Court.