Concurrent Jurisdiction

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Concurrent Jurisdiction

The authority of several different courts, each of which is authorized to entertain and decide cases dealing with the same subject matter.

State and federal courts possess concurrent jurisdiction over particular civil lawsuits, such as an action to declare a state law unconstitutional. Federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over other matters, such as cases involving Patents.

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With 38 years of foreign service under his belt, Vigngo said the UAE is his first posting in the Middle East, after serving as ambassador to South Africa with concurrent jurisdiction over Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, and the Kingdom of Lesotho from December 2011 until May 2014, and in posts in Japan and Europe, mainly in Germany, Austria, and Romania from 1977 to 2011.
98) While rarely pursued, (99) several installations have effectively retroceded jurisdiction over juvenile offenses to the state, thereby allowing the state to exercise concurrent jurisdiction over on-post juvenile misconduct.
Now, if the crime had occurred off the post, then there might have been what we call concurrent jurisdiction between the civilian authorities and the military authorities,'' he said.
subject to concurrent jurisdiction with Santa Barbara County, Vandenberg
In this regard, the original ATS expressly recognized the state courts' concurrent jurisdiction.
Although the federal government has exercised primary responsibility with respect to regulating alcohol marketing, states have concurrent jurisdiction as outlined in the 21st amendment of the Constitution," lead author James Mosher said in a statement.
She would have concurrent jurisdiction over North Korea and Mongolia with the rank of chief of mission.
attorney general approve concurrent jurisdiction where applicable between the federal government, the state, and the tribe.
Specifically, this Comment argues that, to better protect Native American women from rape and sexual violence and to achieve the policy goal of healing past relations with American Indians and Alaska Natives, Congress should explicitly recognize concurrent jurisdiction between federal and tribal authorities to prosecute major crimes and remove restrictions on tribal authorities' ability to punish serious crimes such as rape.
It was rammed through by the House and Senate Armed Services Committees without the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees invoking their concurrent jurisdiction for public hearings.
The Board held that both the provincial and federal governments had concurrent jurisdiction to enact prohibition schemes.
Earlier, the petitioners counsel appeared before the court and submitted that LHC and Islamabad High Court had concurrent jurisdiction in the matter, therefore, the LHC could also hear the matter.

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