Concurrent Jurisdiction

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Concurrent Jurisdiction

The authority of several different courts, each of which is authorized to entertain and decide cases dealing with the same subject matter.

State and federal courts possess concurrent jurisdiction over particular civil lawsuits, such as an action to declare a state law unconstitutional. Federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over other matters, such as cases involving Patents.

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Federal Investment Agency, which is reported as 2017 SCMR 1218, unanimously held that where two criminal statutes enjoy concurrent jurisdiction over the accused for criminalising the same conduct and provide different forums, procedures and punishments for the offence, they are liable to be struck down as this is discriminatory and in violation of the accused person's right to be treated equally under the law as per Article 4 of the Constitution.
'We request your Honorable Office to conduct a preliminary investigation in accordance with the concurrent jurisdiction of the DOJ to investigate charges of illegal acts or omissions on the part of any public official and their conspirators,' read the letter addressed to Fadullon, which was received by the DOJ on June 27.
'If we allow a joint investigation, it could be viewed as effectively sharing concurrent jurisdiction,' Lacson said, warning that such action could 'affect a 2016 ruling by The Hague affirming that the Recto Bank is part of the country's 200 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone [EEZ].'
Thirdly, the governor reminded that the apex court had already declared the concurrent jurisdiction of the Police Order 2002.
Furthermore, the record does not suggest that the Red Lake Band has entered into a cooperative agreement that would give its police officers concurrent jurisdiction to enforce state criminal law on the Red Lake reservation, Johnson continued.
For the benefit of the lawyers who represent the litigating public as well as the law students who will sooner or later face the Bar examinations, the court took pains in Gios-Samar to discuss the constitutional and statutory evolution of the court's original and concurrent jurisdiction, and its interplay with related doctrines, pronouncements, and even the court's own rules.
However, while responding to the respondents' objection to the court's jurisdiction, counsel for the claimant, Oluwole Aladedoye said the Electoral Act had given concurrent jurisdiction to the FCT High Court as the Federal High Court.
VTC, founded by Baltimore City District Court Judge Halee Weinstein in 2015, is a court supervised, comprehensive and voluntary treatment-based program for veterans charged with misdemeanor and concurrent jurisdiction felonies in the District Court.
Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said that while the DOJ has concurrent jurisdiction to conduct preliminary investigation on graft cases, the ombudsman has exclusive jurisdiction on high-ranking officials.
The circuit court, however, still retains concurrent jurisdiction for certain purposes.
Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the CBI, said this question of law has to be kept open as invoking powers of concurrent jurisdiction of high court may be a case of "forum shopping".

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