Concurrent Resolution

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Concurrent Resolution

An action of Congress passed in the form of an enactment of one house, with the other house in agreement, which expresses the ideas of Congress on a particular subject.

A concurrent resolution does not have the legal impact of a joint resolution, which has the force of official legislative action. It is more commonly employed as a method of expressing an opinion on some question. Commendations to victorious sports teams and statespersons and petitions from state legislatures to Congress or the president are examples of concurrent resolutions.

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It was decided that the four congressional offices would propose passage of a concurrent resolution recognizing the Commission and honoring the 350th anniversary.
The report was referenced in a concurrent resolution introduced in the House of Representatives in September 1999 that urged the President to seek a global consensus to a ban on tariffs and some forms of taxation on e-commerce and the Internet.
Other sections limited any presidential commitment of troops to 30 days, unless Congress authorized or ended such action by concurrent resolution.
Brown drafted a similar amendment that was included in the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 1996.
This tribute, which is referred to as Senate Concurrent Resolution No.
On April 12, 2012, following the lead of its 10 Cities and 2 Counties, the California legislature, passed a Concurrent Resolution establishing California as the first Purple Heart State in the nation, and on Monday, April 16th, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen signed the legislation into law.
Last year, recognizing that one in seven women will suffer from a maternal mental health disorder like postpartum depression, and the serious implications of untreated maternal mental health disorders for mothers, children, families and society more generally, Assembly member Bonnie Lowenthal, then Chair of the California Legislative Women's Caucus introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 148.
Now in their second special session of the year, House lawmakers are expected to take up House Concurrent Resolution 3, from state Rep.
Representatives Steve King and Representative Louie Gohmert, who were co-sponsors of Rohrabacher's house concurrent resolution on the right of self-determination for Baloch, accompanied him at the press conference, where he made the statement, The Express Tribune reports.
The bill, House Concurrent Resolution 14, now goes to the Senate for a vote.
On economic development issues, business groups are watching House Concurrent Resolution 3, urging increased consideration and preservation of local authority in international trade and investment agreements as well as House Resolution 6, condemning the taking of a private business by a foreign government and HB 353, relative to workforce housing.
Oklahoma's sovereignty initiative was strongly opposed by Governor Brad Henry, whose veto forced legislators to settle for a nonbinding concurrent resolution instead of one that would have had the force of law.

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