Concurrent Resolution

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Concurrent Resolution

An action of Congress passed in the form of an enactment of one house, with the other house in agreement, which expresses the ideas of Congress on a particular subject.

A concurrent resolution does not have the legal impact of a joint resolution, which has the force of official legislative action. It is more commonly employed as a method of expressing an opinion on some question. Commendations to victorious sports teams and statespersons and petitions from state legislatures to Congress or the president are examples of concurrent resolutions.

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The concurrent resolution sets at four years the term of office of senators and prohibits them to serve more than three consecutive terms.
You do not amend the Constitution by concurrent resolution,' Panelo said.
Senate Concurrent Resolution 136 would urge the federal government to take action requiring manufacturers of plastic products to take responsibility for the pollution those products cause.
Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 would attack the ACA by directing congressional committees to come up with spending cuts and revenue increases related to federal health care programs.
The House voted 288-139 to defeat the concurrent resolution, which would have required Obama to remove the troops within 30 days or by the end of 2015 if the US administration insisted that an immediate withdrawal was not safe.
Abbott vetoed House Concurrent Resolution 84, which, as originally filed, seemed like a routine commendation for the state's mental health professionals on the occasion of National Mental Health Month.
Hinds Community College (Miss.) President Clyde Muse was honored with a state Senate Concurrent Resolution for his role in the invention of the game of T-ball.
He was commended with House Concurrent Resolution 88, which recognized his extraordinary leadership and service.
Senate Concurrent Resolution 16, sponsored by Pavlov, and Senate Resolution 151, sponsored by Sen.
In February this year, he had introduced a House Concurrent Resolution asking for Balochistan to be given the right of self-determination.

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