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While at 55 [degrees] C and 80 [degrees] C, the curing could be controlled because condensation reactions proceeded slowly, at 95 [degrees] C, they occurred very fast and they were difficult to control due to formaldehyde and water evaporation despite using reflux.
Bands remaining invariable in sol-gel process can be used as a quantitative reference in this analysis, because the absorbance of these bands does not vary during hydrolysis and condensation reactions (11).
The condensation reaction of silanols or hydroxyl groups of PVA more proceeds with increasing annealing time.
The reaction scheme showed that the silsesquioxane core structure could be the side chain through the condensation reaction.
To prepare condensation reaction curable resin castings, both Resin II and Resin III as 60 wt% solutions in toluene were mixed with 0.
Subsequently, the hydrolyzed silane groups on adjacent molecules formed an intermolecular link by a condensation reaction.
It is reasonable to interpret the change in the Q peak distribution from 0 to 6 months in terms of a forward condensation reaction accompanied by the removal of the reaction products water and alcohol into the atmosphere.
Based on the above facts, the condensation reaction of pyridine to quaternary nitrogen is likely to occur under the present conditions of pyrolysis at a temperature of 600 [degrees]C.
The acid-catalyzed condensation reaction proceeds by an initial protonation of the silanol followed by an [S.