CONDICTION, Lat. condictio. This term is used in the civil law in the same sense as action. Condictio certi, is an action for the recovery of a certain thing, as our action of replevin, condictio incerti, is an action given for the recovery of an uncertain thing. Dig. 12, 1.

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The Condiction of this Obligation is such, that if the above named Samuel Tilghman does stand to the Judgement & award of Mr Thomas Gerard & Mr Henry Meese mutually chosen by the abovesed parties, to end & conclude all differences happening or being, betweene the abovesed parties, as Concerning the Plantation lately bought of Walter Beane, & now in the possession of the parties above sayd that then this Obligation to bee voyd, & of none effect, or ells to stand in full force & vertue (115).
The energy required to transfer the active sites one to another in the condiction correspondingly the same energy required in the inter band transition of the optical band gap.
6), whose rapidly deteriorating and ultimately fatal condiction was associated with diffuse bronchiectasis on CT scan; a 9-year-old girl (patient no.
1800 Of Genral Condictions Of Contract Of Bid Document Part-I
Homicides are particularly prominent for males, whereas noncommunicable diseases and perinatal condictions are more significant for females.
Modeling Necessary and Sufficient Condictions for Media-Driven Humanitarian Interventions.
It is an ingredient of many formulations prescribed for a variety of musculoskeletal condictions (eg.