Conditions of sale

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CONDITIONS OF SALE, contracts. The terms upon which the vendor of property by auction pro poses to sell it; the instrument containing these terms, when reduced to writing or printing, is also called the conditions of sale.
     2. It is always prudent and advisable that the conditions of sale should be printed and exposed in the auction room; when so done, they are binding on both parties, and nothing that is said at the time of sale, to add to or vary such printed conditions, will be of any avail. 1 H. Bl. 289 12 East, 66 Ves. 330; 15 Ves. 521; 2 Munf. Rep. 119; 1 Desauss. Ch. Rep. 573; 2 Desauss. Ch. R. 320; 11 John. Rep. 555; 3 Camp. 285. Vide forms of conditions of sale in Babington on Auctions, 233 to 243; Sugd. Vend. Appx. No. 4. Vide Auction; Auctioneer; Puffer.

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He said the court "limits the application to this contract of Keeneland's Conditions of Sale, specifically the 14-day limited warranty period, as it is unconscionable based on the facts of the case.
Like the URAR, adjustments for conditions of sale and expenditures immediately after purchase are omitted.
As a consequence, suppliers should therefore ensure that their terms and conditions of sale are included on all price lists, brochures, quotations and order acknowledgements.
Cars sold 'with warranty' may usually be returned within a short period after purchase if the buyer finds a major problem that was not disclosed at the time of sale - check the company's Conditions of Sale before bidding.
When the order comes in, your customer usually indicates that it is subject to his terms and conditions of sale, frequently printed on the back side of the purchase order form.
The maximum gross floor area for non-industrial purposes is 2,061 sq m, while that for private residential purposes is computed according to special conditions of sale.
Tattersalls Ireland also notes that the conditions of sale clearly outline the implications for purchasers where payment is not received within the specified 28-day period.
Unfortunately, by then it is often too late, as without well documented conditions of sale forming a contract, the process of recovery can be both lengthy and costly.
Property Information Packages are available now, containing detailed property information, terms and conditions of sale, financing, and registration information for the auction.
Council mediaplanning: calendar inserts campaigns in different media selected, general conditions of sale racks or boards, trade negotiations and locations .
The sales company, along with Fasig-Tipton, implemented the testing policy into its conditions of sale this year to address worries that yearlings were being administered steroids through their sales preparation.
If you are interested in receiving a free copy of the April 30th Auction Brochure, with all the terms and conditions of sale, call (212) 566-8914, or stop by the offices of the Division of Real Property, at 2 Lafayette Street, 22nd floor, in Manhattan.

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