Conduct money

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CONDUCT MONEY. The money advanced to a witness who has been subpoenaed to enable him to attend a trial, i's so called.

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Information about conduct money should accompany the subpoena and you should speak to the issuing party about expenses and loss of wages in the first instance.
The kiosk allows customers to cash payroll tax refund and government checks, conduct money transfers and purchase money orders and store-value cards.
The nine-member BOJ Policy Board ''decided, by unanimous vote, to maintain'' its current policy and it ''will conduct money market operations, aiming (to have) the outstanding balance of the current accounts at the bank at around 10 to 15 trillion yen,'' the central bank said in a statement issued after the meeting.
A The party calling you as a witness is obliged to pay you what is known as conduct money.
To be sure, "Ship money, depopulation fines, knighthood compositions, the forced loan, purveyance, benevolences, coat and conduct money, militia rates, and Star Chamber judgments, all contributed to the county's dissatisfaction"(p.
the pioneer of a technology platform that enables pension plan sponsors and consultants to conduct money manager searches online, has formed an alliance with Zephyr Associates, Inc.
Either party may compel a witness to attend by serving a Notice to Attend as Witness issued by the Clerk of the Court and the appropriate conduct money.
1 Central banks in several other countries with well-developed financial markets have developed broadly similar arrangements to designate a group of firms with which to conduct money market operations.
The customer will then receive an SMS with a personal confidential password that enables him to conduct money transfer services.
The new services target both the unbanked segment of the population and those who regularly deal with banks, enabling them to access their bank accounts to conduct money transfers as well as make and receive payments, Chowdhury said.
In Tokyo, the Bank of Japan welcomed the measures and pledged to continue to conduct money market operations appropriately so as to maintain market stability, including supplying sufficient funds over the year-end.
Although both Swiss and foreign individuals or entities conduct money laundering activities in Switzerland, narcotics-related money laundering operations are largely controlled by foreign narcotics trafficking organizations, often from the Balkans or Eastern Europe.