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Among the others are West End singer Connie Fisher, Froncysyllte choir conducter Ann Atkinson, judge Michael Farmer QC, broadcasters Dei Tomos and David Meredith and former Daily Post journalist Gerald Williams.
Conducter, Steven Sloane, with the Los Angeles Opera Orchestra and Chorus.
Anthony Scrivener QC told how, in more than two hours on stage, Mr McKenna made Chris believe he was a schoolboy, a ballerina, Mick Jagger, an interpreter for aliens, a Blind Date contestant and the conducter of an orchestra.
2--ran in CONEJO edition only) Southern Pacific train conducter James Cooper tells Simi officers he saw Eduardo Munoz sitting on the tracks east of First Street.
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Bare Conducter By New Ab Cable Of Lt Line Of 400 Kva T/F In Yamunapuram Colony, Uner Edd-Ii, Bulandshahr