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A union of states in which each member state retains some independent control over internal and external affairs. Thus, for international purposes, there are separate states, not just one state. A federation, in contrast, is a union of states in which external affairs are controlled by a unified, central government.

See: affiliation, alliance, association, band, body, cartel, chamber, coalescence, committee, compact, concert, confederacy, consolidation, contribution, federation, integration, league, merger, partnership, party, pool, society, sodality

CONFEDERATION, government. The name given to that form of government which the American colonies, on shaking off the British yoke, devised for their mutual safety and government.
     2. The articles of confederation, (q.v.) were finally adopted on the 15th of November, 1777, and with the exception of Maryland, which, however, afterwards also agreed to them, were speedily adopted by the United States, and by which they were formed into a federal @bod y, and went into force on the first day of March, 1781; 1 Story Const. Sec. 225; and so remained until the adoption of the present constitution, which acquired the force of the supreme law of the land on the first Wednesday of March, 1789. 5 Wheat. R. 420. Vide Articles of Confederation.

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He made the request at the New Year visit to the Confederation in Ha Noi on February 22.
Deputy Minister BrkiA emphasized that relations between BiH and Swiss Confederation are friendly, and there is a developed cooperation.
The Swiss Confederation has neither recognized the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh nor has it ever questioned the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan," the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) of the Swiss Confederation told Trend.
The military story about the individuals on both the Confederation and Alliance ships with the respective ground forces assaulting the stations at the edge of the Confederation is very well written.
Chairing the 8th Congress of the Regional Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts of Tataouine, held on the theme "Private investment, lever of regional development and prosperity of the enterprise", she called "to make better known the assets of this governorate", inviting residents from the region living abroad to invest there.
Summary: Fifa want to do away with Confederations Cup and make Club World Cup bigger
AlAhly Won his 1st CAF Confederation Cup with a dramatic goal at the stoppage time against SAaAaAeA@wAaAaAeA@ FC pic.
Take New Zealand for instance, who will represent the Oceanic Football Confederation (OFC).
Dans Le Canada francais et la Confederation, edite par Marcel Martel, historien et Jean-Francois Caron, politicologue, un groupe de six intellectuels s'interroge sur ce que l'accord sur la confederation etait cense accomplir sur le plan de la dualite linguistique et culturelle et sur l'evolution de cette dynamique depuis les annees 1860.
En Coupe de la Confederation, les 16 equipes qualifiees apres les 16es de finale devront passer par un tour de cadrage oo elles affronteront les perdants des 16es de finale de la Ligue des champions pour degager les 16 equipes admises en phase de groupes.
The latter is even a bigger confederation of tribes as its branches extend to Ethiopia.
In 2014, after more than 100 years in Saskatchewan and 100 years in the Saskatchewan Legislative Library Reading Room, the historic Confederation Table made a long journey back to central Canada.

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