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noun assembly, colloquy, conclave, confabulation, consultation, consultation meeting, conversations, convocation, deliberation, dialogue, discussion, exchange, forum, gathering, interchange of opinions, interlocution, meeting, negotiation, negotiations, palaver, parlance, parley, premeditation, seminar, talks
See also: assemblage, assembly, caucus, collective bargaining, communication, company, confrontation, congregation, council, discourse, inquiry, interview, negotiation, panel, parlance, parley, session

CONFERENCE, practice, legislation. In practice, it is the meeting of the parties or their attorneys in a cause, for the purpose of endeavoring to settle the same.
     2. In legislation, when the senate and house of representatives cannot agree on a bill or resolution which it is desirable should be passed, committees are appointed by the two bodies respectively, who are called committees of conference, and whose duty it is, if possible, to -reconcile the differences between them.
     3. In the French law, this term is used to signify the similarity and comparison between two laws, or two systems of law; as the Roman and the common law. Encyclopedie, h.t.
     4. In diplomacy, conferences are verbal explanations between ministers of two nations at least, for the purpose of accelerating various difficulties and delays, necessarily attending written communications.

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Teachers and parents who have participated in student-led conferences report no desire to return to the traditional parent-teacher forum.
International Conference on Incineration and Thermal Treatment Technologies.
In most cases, each participant in a web conference has a web cam to capture video, a mic to capture audio, speakers, and a software program to bundle everything together and help broadcast it on the web.
1st International Conference on Immunodeficiency Disorders, February 28-March 2, 2005 in Tehran, Iran, http://www.
After observing many conferences, after audio-recording and analyzing transcripts, comparing filmed role-played conferences with the 'real thing', and interviewing observers, convenors and participants at length, a key feature of this emotional turning point in conferences was clear.
because we were spun-off from a company that had been doing face-to-face conferences for 20 years.
Entry to BIO-Europe Spring is free to the media, as is full access to the partnering system, sessions, press conferences, workshops, and pre-arranged partnering meetings.
Tomar, Portugal Information: Engineering Conferences International, 6 Metro Tech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA 718-260-3743, fax: 718-260-3754, e-mail: info@eci.
AICPA National Governmental Accounting & Auditing Update Conference (GAAC)
Braithwaite (2002) makes the point that as a matter of fact, very few criminal offenders would participate in restorative conferences in the absence of some degree of coercion in the form of detection and/or arrest, and perhaps the specter of a trial.
Power Tools Conference: 19 separate conferences will provide two days of in-depth training on specific applications and tools.

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