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The great Boston fire was started by him--quite by accident, however, as he stated in his confession, adding that it was a pleasing accident and that he had never had any reason to regret it.
It was six months after Gluck's confession that she returned the Philippines and Hawaii to the United States.
VATICAN CITY -- The Catholic Church in Texas says it is reviewing allegations that a top monsignor continued to hear a married woman's confessions after luring her into a sexual relationship, a potentially serious crime under church law.
Pontikes has accused Monsignor Frank Rossi, DiNardo's former deputy, of exploiting her emotional dependency on him to manipulate her into a sexual relationship, even as he heard her confessions, counseled her husband on their strained marriage and solicited hundreds of thousands of dollars from them in donations for the church.
Malloy, recognizing the need for God's grace and forgiveness in the lives of Catholics, has again asked all 105 parishes in the 11-county diocese to add Wednesday, April 10, to their regular Lenten confession calendar and, where possible, to offer confessions that day from 9 a.m.
"So it is only natural to continue offering an entire day of confessions and, again, invite everyone to 'Be Reconciled,' especially to those who have been away from the sacrament for years."
Systematic Admission of Coerced International Confessions. C.
Confessions are one of the most powerful forms of evidence introduced in court (4) because jurors, judges, and the public often believe confessions betray guilt.
with about 25% of the cases involving false confessions and
I was asked to hear confessions before the papal Mass, and doing so was one of the most profound graces of my life.
An official of the Manila Archdiocese Liturgical Commission has urged regular churchgoers to take advantage of the daily confessions heard in churches to ease the long confession lines during the "Kumpisalang Bayan" (Mass Confessions) designed for those who seldom attend Mass.