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SHOWSTOPPER Lead Michael Praed is great as the confidence trickster
A CALLOUS confidence trickster swindled a 67-year-old woman out of almost everything she had after befriending her at a bus stop.
Prosecutor Caroline Carberry said: "Bridger is a sexual and confidence trickster.
A CONFIDENCE trickster conned thousands of pounds from an unsuspecting woman, telling her he would look after her financial affairs.
The authorities are now looking for the confidence trickster and the e1/430,000.
She lost her job and sank into the world of a full-time confidence trickster to pay for heroin and crack cocaine.
She lost her job and sank into the life of a full-time confidence trickster to pay for her heroin and crack cocaine.
Confidence trickster Earlier this week, Leicester chairman Milan Mandaric gave manager Paulo Sousa a vote of confidence, saying: "We have a long-term plan and Paulo is part of that.
How to Get Rich As a Televangelist or Faith Healer" is Bill Wilson's expose on this special brand of confidence trickster.
He warned that with one national database, Ministers would have created "the most attractive possible target for every fraudster, terrorist, confidence trickster and hacker on the planet.
While awaiting the release of his next film, Gangs of New York, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is preparing to go back to work in Catch Me If You Can, in which he will play a confidence trickster.
You are a confidence trickster, taking money from customers knowing full well you wouldn't provide them with tickets.