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And already the site of the house is undiscoverable, the location of the stone walls may be deduced from the configuration of the landscape, and I am renewing the battle, putting in angora goats to browse away the brush that has overrun Haska's clearing and choked Haska's apple trees to death.
Barbicane, now perceiving that the projectile was steadily approaching the lunar disc, did not despair; if not of reaching her, at least of discovering the secrets of her configuration.
Chile must formerly have resembled the latter country in the configuration of its land and water.
He broke off, stared all about, studying the configuration of the meadow, crossed it to the redwood trees beyond, then came back.
By the reuse of components, modules, software, or product configurations, good CM speeds up development as well as keeping costs down.
In component and early die design, it is desirable to have a computer tool to explore, visualize and evaluate different configurations quickly and easily.
ConfigSENTRY ensures that only authorized users are allowed to configure each device in the network, and maintains and logs all such configurations by user and device.
Analytical solutions of the Schrodinger equation, solutions with full mathematical generality and formalism, are hard put to go beyond the simpler configurations of the proton and electron in a single hydrogen atom.
Cambia Security provides security policy enforcement software that safeguards the integrity of network asset configurations while dramatically reducing preparation time needed to pass IT security audits.
With the addition of the Geo-Diverse High Availability solution, we will now be able to automate the process of instantly transferring verified network hardware configurations to backup equipment and continue business-as-usual.
As the technology backbone for the Dome EX diagnostic monitor series, Planar's Dome DA4 architecture has the capability to utilize a breadth of graphics processor technologies to provide the most options for diagnostic configurations.