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Moreover, it is discovered that the order r increases with the increasing of confining pressure in the triaxial compression of the brittle rock samples.
The S-shaped curves were obtained from 75 tests of a total of 30 sands, with a wide range of confining pressure, relative density and void ratio.
Four influencing factors were considered during test procedures, namely compactness, confining pressure, consolidation ratio and vibration frequency.
Figure 5 shows the experimental results of stressstrain behaviour for each confining pressure in the granular base with maximum axial strain of 20% obtained by an Unconsolidated Undrained triaxial test.
In three-dimensional calculations, the confining pressure [[sigma].
In Eqns (9) and (10), the unknown parameter is only the confining pressure, and it can be deduced by an analysis of steel tube subsequently.
Strength and acoustic velocities increase with increasing confining pressure.
Setting the confining pressure as constant, Eight sensors were selected from the 10 elements while checking individual sensitivity.
Samples were subjected to an effective confining pressure of approximately 45 kPa, and cyclic loading having a maximum deviator stress of 300 kPa was applied on the ballast specimens at a frequency of 20 Hz.
The structure is also resistant to compression deflection from 5-95% when measured under a confining pressure of 0.
The confining pressure induced by hydraulic oil is gradually increased from 5 MPa with a step of 5 MPa up to a maximum of 30 MPa, and the axial stress has the same value as the confining pressure so that in the test specimen a hydrostatic three-dimensional stress status is induced ([[sigma].