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BACHELOR. The first degree taken at the universities in the arts and sciences, as bachelor of arts, & c. It is called, in Latin, Baccalaureus, from bacalus, or bacillus, a staff, because a staff was given, by way of distinction, into the hands of those who had completed their studies. Some, however, have derived the word from baccalaura, others from bas chevalier, as designating young squires who aspire to the knighthood. (Dupin.) But the derivation. of the word is uncertain.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Will confirmed bachelor Eric give up his lifestyle in exchange for a new life with the love of his life? Tune in Saturday at 8 p.m.
HE was what is known as a confirmed bachelor and I'd already had first-hand experience of the domestic duties imposed on his guests, for he was a man who regarded a tin opener as a complicated and highly technical instrument, the use of which required at least a degree in mechanical engineering.
As a confirmed bachelor for many years I had grown accustomed to wearing my pyjamas and thought nothing of it when we married.
"The Nine Lives of Christmas'' (8 p.m., HALMRK) A confirmed bachelor adopts a stray cat, which leads a pretty veterinary student to enter his life and alter his feelings about remaining single.
Marriage better than endless chase HOW very gallant of your correspondent 'Confirmed Bachelor' to admit there are some genuinely happily married couples.
He's like the John Wayne of rock - always wanting to soldier on and handle things on his own, you know?" The polar opposite of his frontman's confirmed bachelor status, Campbell revels in being a fully paid-up family man, having married his wife Gaynor not long before he signed on for a life on the road with Motorhead.
Harries, a confirmed bachelor, was married to his two obsessions, baseball and football, and would spend all his spare time running local leagues...
Claudio and Hero agree to be married, passing the time by conspiring to match-make confirmed bachelor Benedick (Alexis Denisof) and his verbal sparring partner Beatrice (Amy Acker).
Some special drink being created for the event are Love Bytes, Cupid's Revenge, Sugar Daddy, The Tool and Confirmed Bachelor.
By now coleen was blatantly flirting with confirmed bachelor Barrowman.