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CONFLICT. The opposition or difference between two judicial jurisdictions, when they both claim the right to decide a cause, or where they both declare their incompetency. The first is called a positive conflict, and the, latter a negative conflict.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Durojaye (2010), under the title of "Understanding Conflict and War" expresses that some of the conflicts we involve in our day to day activities are the following:
Sterck, and Elisabeth Meur, "Theorizing and measuring emotions in conflict: The case of the 2011 Palestinian statehood", Journal of Conflict Resolution 60, no.
Type A/B behavior pattern scale and work-family conflict scale were used to assess variables.
Giving a panacea to the perennial crisis between Labour and government as well as employers in the country, the NUCFRLANMPE president said collective bargaining machinery must be properly utilised as a condition necessary in preventing conflict; while proper training and development must also be in place.
A KEY ATTRIBUTE OF A SUCCESSFUL PHYSICIAN leader is his or her ability to manage and resolve conflict, particularly among members of the medical care team.
As noted attorney and TED speaker Jonathan Marks has observed, "We are constantly told that conflict is bad and that compromise is good; that conflict is bad and collaboration is good.
Because there is now a UN resolution that talks about women in conflict zones and the need for women to be protected in active conflict zones and occupied Kashmir is an active conflict zone.
Published in August in The Lancet, the study is based on data from the Uppsala Conflict Data Program, which included information on 35 African countries and more than 15,400 conflict events that resulted in more than 968,000 deaths.
number of conflict-related deaths almost doubled in the region in 2017, data from Conflict Alert 2018 report showed.
Malaysia has 7 conflicts related to biomass and land conflict and water management.
The most important aspects of conflict management are recognizing when you are in a conflict, examining the causes of that conflict and working to try to resolve the conflict.