Conflict of jurisdiction

CONFLICT OF JURISDICTION. The contest between two officers, who each claim to have cognizance of a particular case.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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We plowed along bravely for a week or more, and without any conflict of jurisdiction among the captains worth mentioning.
This case concerns a conflict of jurisdiction involving two conflicting final decisions: an award of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre ('DIAC') that was ratified by the judicial committee on civil disputes between Dubai Holding and Dubailand and their subsidiaries ('DIAC arbitration proceedings'); and another judgment issued by the Dubai Court of Cassation, which appeared to concern an identical cause of action involving the same subject matter and parties ('Dubai court proceedings').
The lawyer also pointed out that the case has been disputed in two courts so far, which led to a conflict of jurisdiction between the courts, which the Constitutional Court should resolve.
The citizens who are suffering due to the conflict of jurisdiction and responsibility of the relevant have demanded of the Chief Minister Punjab to intervene into the issue for its resolution.
The Federal Supreme Court, the highest federal judicial authority, will continue to look into various disputes among members of the UAE Union, or between one or more emirates and the Federal Government, the constitutionality of federal and other laws and legislations, conflicts of jurisdiction between the federal and local judicial authorities in the country, conflict of jurisdiction between the judicial authority in one emirate and another and interpreting the provisions of the constitution.
Article Eight: The Chairman of the Supreme Court shall have the jurisdictions of the Justice Minister as per the provision of article (23) of the Conflict of Jurisdiction Authority Law and the aforesaid provisions in coordination with the Chairman of the Administrative Judiciary Court and the Finance Ministry.
"I have said the Constitution has conflict of jurisdiction. I proposed to Omurbek Tekebaev at that time to convene the constitutional meeting in order to correct these conflicts and to make technical changes," he said.
It is the highest military court and comprises five magistrates presided over by the director of the military judiciary and has jurisdiction to consider objections raised from the military prosecution or from anybody who has been issued a final verdict from the High Military Court of Appeal or from the Military Grand Court (in its capacity to consider appeals) and has jurisdiction to consider applications for reconsideration of final verdicts issued under articles applicable to criminal or felony charges as well as jurisdiction over conflict of jurisdiction between military courts.
Unification of the rules on conflict of jurisdiction in civil and commercial matters, as provided within the European Union by the recent "Council Regulation Brussels Nr.
In 1969, Eugene Rossides, an assistant Treasury secretary, put it eloquently: "There will be no conflict of jurisdiction or duplication of effort, due to the planning which has characterized this effort."
The Commercial Agent filed a conflict of jurisdiction case before the Union Supreme Court in Case No.
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