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Elevated herbivory in plant hybrid zones: Chrysomela confluens, Populus, and phenological sinks.
Nevertheless, resprouts attracted 15 times as many adult Chrysomela confluens beetles, the scientists report.
Lepturges (Lepturges) confluens (Haldeman, 1847), May (3)-Jul (4), TN ecoregion(s): 74, 71, 68, 67, 66 (Suppl.
The Manheim is in the Diplacanthograptus spiniferus graptolite Zone and the Haldane is likely with the upper part of the Belodina confluens conodont Zone, which indicates the bed would be mid-Katian and latest Mohawkian.
Estroma parcialmente inmerso en la madera, conteniendo uno o algunos peritecios esfericos, con contornos periteciales evidentes; ascosporas de 16-23,5 x 8-11 [micro]m Nemania confluens 4.
confluens Borelli (en el NOA se conocen casos graves causados por esta especie en ninos) y potencialmente T.
Nerodia fasciata confluens (Blanchard, 1923) (Broad-banded Water Snake).