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In diagnosing confusability in disease classes, some of the existing system used only unsupervised statistical approach such as k-means to separate the overlapping region from the non-overlapping region.
The confusability measurement provides information on amount of uncertainty associated with such a classification that would have degraded the performance and is on this basis that final diagnosis is made.
The decision made by the inference system through the neural work is optimized by this component by taking the result of the inference sub-component as input and with the aid of the result confusability measurement, a decision is ultimately made.
It incorporates an assumption that the confusability of enantiomorphs indicates that enantiomorphs are used to encode the orientation of planes of stimuli with respect to the fronto-parallel plane.
They found that temporal confusability, and not decay, is important for forgetting over the short term.
Articulation and acoustic confusability in short-term memory.
He suggested that nonmembers may be added to the category representation because of either multiple presentations or because of their perceptual confusability with category members.