Congressional Record

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Congressional Record

A daily publication of the federal government that details the legislative proceedings of Congress.

The Congressional Record began in 1873 and, in 1947, a feature called The Daily Digest was added to briefly highlight the daily legislative activities of each House, committee, and sub-committee.

The text of the Congressional Record is not a verbatim transcript of the statements made on the floor of the Senate or the House of Representatives. After obtaining permission from their respective Houses to do so, members of Congress can revise their speeches prior to publication in the Record and are permitted to extend their comments to include remarks not made on the floor of Congress.

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HeinOnline contains the entire Congressional Record, Federal Register, and Code of Federal Regulations, current and historical constitutions for every country in the world, and a vast collection of classic treatises.
The levels specified in the Bipartisan Budget Act that were directed to be filed in the Congressional Record did not include all of the levels required to be in a budget resolution by the Budget Act.
It also shows the popularity of the phrase by party and includes quotes, or "occurrences," of the word or phrase in the Congressional Record.
Although the conflict certainly was not limited to the halls of Congress, the speeches recorded in the Congressional Record and in the various congressional committee hearings documents provide the most sustained historical archive; accordingly, my attention is focused there.
In short, the book has both the detail and the flatness of its chief source, the Congressional Record.
(96) For example, speech by Thurmond in the US Senate, Congressional Record, 2 June 1975, p.
Finally, in addition to bill information, THOMAS has the Congressional Record searchable from 1989 to present.
Presenting edited versions of Congressional Record Service publications, a NASA report to Congress on a plan for the International Space Station (ISS) National Laboratory, House of Representatives committee hearings on the ISS, and similar sources from 2007-8, this volume examines historical, technical, policy, and funding aspects of the ISS program, the retirement of the U.S.
S 2400, 108th Cong., 2nd sess., Congressional Record 150 (May 18).
When he was reminded that Schiff called survivors of 1915 incidents to submit their stories for inclusion into the Congressional Record and asked if Turkey had an initiative against it, Tan said, "we left behind a very sensitive period regarding Armenians.
Peter Roskam (R., Ill.) described pharmacy's commitment to patient health in official remarks in the Congressional Record, which officially documents each day's action in Congress.
The honor is documented in the Congressional Record. Hertz will receive another honor on April 18.

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