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MEMBER OF CONGRESS. A member of the senate or house of representatives of the United States.
     2. During the session of congress they are privileged from arrest, except for treason, felony, or breach of the peace; they receive a compensation of eight dollars per day while in session, besides mileage. (q.v.)
     3. They are authorized to frank letters and receive them free of postage for sixty days before, during, and for sixty days after the session.
     4. They are prohibited from entering into any contracts with the United States, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part for themselves and others, under the penalty of three thousand dollars. Act of April 21, 1808, 2 Story's L. U. S. 1091. Vide Congress; Frank.

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If the Conservative Index rated congressmen based on "neo-conservatism" as opposed to traditional conservatism, most Republicans would have earned high scores.
A handful of congressmen use this situation to earmark grant funds designed to help healthcare providers other than nursing homes for political benefit.
The Congressmen responded positively to Barnhard by asking what the government may be able to do to help.
It was the Justice Department, for instance, not Ethics, which first uncovered the willingness of eight congressmen to take money from Arab sheiks seeking political favors.
There are 217 names on that list who voted for it, plus two congressmen who had pledged to vote "nay" but failed to insist that their "nay" votes be registered, unless they can demand a voting review and that their "nay" votes be registered.
Halfway through a four-day tour of 22 bases, the congressmen said they've seen similar situations elsewhere, which U.
The reality has been that the Balanced Budget Act's restrictions on long-term care have created more hardship and fewer savings than many congressmen anticipated.
For instance, Gingrich came out swinging against pernicious congressional check bouncers, perk-mongers, and abusers of the franking privilege (which allows congressmen to send free mail to their districts) despite the fact that he's guilty of each himself.
She targeted the RCRA reauthorization bill, OSHA reform and the authorization bill for cast metal research funding as the essential topics of meetings between foundrymen and their congressmen.
Now we must say thank you to everyone who has contributed, especially Congressmen Hinojosa and Cuellar and the Texas Workforce Commission, and begin the next phase of our work.
That claim came just weeks after the GOP-led House, acting in concert with the Bush White House, passed a grotesquely obese federal highway bill larded with hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to pay off congressmen who had voted in favor of the so-called Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
I talked to the congressmen after they left that meeting with Hershel Gober, deputy Secretary of Veteran's Affairs, and they weren't happy, Al.

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