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Dastidar, "New congruences modulo 5 for the number of 2-color partitions," Journal of Number Theory, vol.
Particularly, b adic expension of an integer N and its congruence modulo b was used to characterise a given integer regarding its divisibility rule.
5 The union of the sylvester and the stalactic congruences
This happens because the factors we would most expect to influence opinion-policy congruence, like institutions and political culture, are generally stable over relatively long periods.
Miezaki, Congruences on the Fourier coefficients of the Mathieu mock theta function.
Assume now that f + g < n - 1 and let us find the solutions of the congruence [([p.
For the definitions and generalities about systems of conservation laws and their correspondence with congruences of lines, we refer to [AF01], see also [DM05].
In the past researchers have given numerical methods to solve congruences using prime divisors.
Besides the q-analog (7) of Babbage's congruence (3) we will employ q-analogs of Wolstenholme's harmonic congruences (4) and (5) which were recently supplied by Shi and Pan, (SP07):
Here we shall study congruences on a Cliford quasi-regular semigroup S.
These three patterns are called Ramanujan's partition congruences.
Shards were used to give a geometric description of lattice congruences of the weak order.