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CONJECTURE. Conjectures are ideas or notions founded on probabilities without any demonstration of their truth. Mascardus has defined conjecture: "rationable vestigium latentis veritatis, unde nascitur opinio sapientis;" or a slight degree of credence arising from evidence too weak or too remote to produce belief. De Prob. vol. i. quoest. 14, n. 14. See Dict. de Trevoux, h.v.; Denisart, h.v.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Conjecture 2.1 ([7, Conjecture 14.2]) The collection of real numbers
The results and discussion in this article are variational, diagrammatic and illustrative, suspecting a new direction to prove Tait flyping conjecture. The R*-move, which is a generalized form of Reidemeister move of type II, will be a pivotal move in the discussion hereafter.
Either way it is conjecture, except that the Brigadier was given the opportunity to lose, and yet won a King George.
Specifically, we consider an oligopoly where each seller chooses a unique price level and forms a set-valued prior-free conjecture about the average price charged by the remaining sellers.
Conjecture and hypothesis occurs in historiography when the study of extant documents leads to a suspect, beyond the facts which they directly divulge.
Although Problem 3.1 is open, there is a conjecture for the values of [h.sup.0] (X, F) for arbitrary F.
There are many unproven conjectures in mathematics.
She then tried to utilise conjecture strategies to teach the other statistics terms.
Recently, Professor Zhang Wenpeng asked us to study the properties of these determinants, at the same time, he also proposed following two conjectures:
The author of this paper submits that a mathematics student needs to learn to conjecture and prove or disprove said conjecture.
Although written from the perspective of a New Testament scholar rather than a Renaissance and Reformation historian, the present work will be welcomed by the latter for its discussion of textual conjecture to throw an interesting light on how New Testament criticism functioned in the sixteenth century.
Petersburg solved the "Poincare Conjecture." His solution won Perelman math's highest honor, the Fields Medal, described as the mathematical equivalent of the Super Bowl.