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CONJURATION. A swearing together. It signifies a plot, bargain, or compact made by a number of persons under oath, to do some public harm. In times of ignorance, this word was used to signify the personal conference which some persons were supposed to have had with the devil, or some evil spirit, to know any secret, or effect any purpose.

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Les nombreux rituels et le sens sacre predominant qui caracterisent la fete au Cameroun ne sont pas du tout ce qui se vit dans la fete du Canada ; lorsque cette derniere a debute, en 2009, on avait assiste a un simulacre des rituels de conjuration du mauvais sort appele l'Essa, suivi de quelques representations culturelles et de la valorisation de la gastronomie sawa.
The "fragments" of the Egyptian god recall princess Hermonthis's mummified foot in Gautier's short story "Le Pied de Momie" ("The Mummy's Foot") (1840): the fetishized foot, the fragment, becomes the portal through which the narrator's fantasy is realized with the conjuration of the tantalizing princess and the recreation of an Egyptian spectacle inside his quarters.
The mask then was merely a basic contour; the perceived face--as shimmering revelation of volume "in front of" the material suggestion--was an effect of conjuration within a minimalist economy of signs (Bois, 91).
70) There is no analogous defense that "would protect a conjuration to deprive a minority of equal rights.
The master class had got under way with the epic 20-minute opening double header of Heir Apparent and The Grand Conjuration, two songs which perfectly encapsulate Opeth's ability to paint light and shade on their vivid aural landscape.
At one point, he uses the terms exorcism and conjuration interchangeably; technically, this is inaccurate, since these are actually opposite processes--casting a demon out as opposed to requesting a demonic visitation.
A little more potential for anthropological analysis and stimulation of interest is revealed towards the end of the paper, where the Bishop records that in times gone by Kenyahs invoked omen creatures and spirits with chants of conjuration, and knew how to call to eagles to induce them to fly in a way that created a positive omen (Galvin 1972:58-59); but as far as this goes, there is again no hint of any possible power above and beyond the spirits or the omen-givers themselves.
It was alleged she had pretended "to exercise or use human conjuration that through the agency of Helen Duncan spirits of deceased dead persons should appear to be present".
Yet, by my gracious patience, / I will a round unvarnished tale deliver / Of my whole course of love, what drugs, what charms, / What conjuration and what magic--/ For such proceeding I am charged withal--/ I won his daughter" (82-94).
By switching the fiery image of a national doomsday for a familial self-destruction, Van Niekerk's conjuration of hauntology remains inconclusive; time is still out-of-joint and the spectres of ideology reject finality.
Rudd's "Treatise on the Nine Hierarchies of Angels" and their conjuration to visible appearance, A Treatise on Angel Magic is one of the most thorough renditions of ancient manuscripts, and a "must-have" resource for anyone interested in angelology, whether a lay reader or a scholar.
Necromancie," being singular, might in theory represent a more general state of being, rather than specific actions; but necromancy meant conjuration with the aid of evil spirits, which had to include specific actions.