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The identity of the conman, however, has not been made public yet but further investigations are on.
After spells in jail, the 53-year-old conman again hit the jackpot in 2002 with the release of the screen adaptation of his autobiography.
The conman also applied for a credit card in his friend's name with his own name as a second card holder - and withdrew cash.
To make sure the ruse looked real, the conman even emailed Pushan a scan of a Dh200,000 cheque with his name on it.
According to posts on social networking websites, the conman identified himself as Haitham Mahmoud Al Kouatly and claimed to be the owner of a company called Shamyana Entertainment.
The rubber-faced funnyman stars alongside Ewan McGregor in the true story of Steven Russell, a married policeman who realises he is gay, becomes a conman, and falls in love in prison.
Eoe1/4EoHe was driving a white hired car (Nissan Sunny),Eoe1/4A[yen] he writes, and informs that an Oman Air pilot had been duped by such a conman.
The conman had an Irish accent and was in his early 20s.
Summary: Indian police are hunting a conman who hypnotized a Mumbai jeweler store worker before stealing $160,000 worth of diamond necklaces and bracelets.
CONMAN: A bogus official takes money and (below) a conman sizes up his chances of getting into a home
UNITED KINGDOM: A conman walked off with a bagful of cash from Barclays, Britain's third-biggest bank, by posing as its chairman, the bank admitted yesterday.