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Some conmen have call centre training which means they sound genuine when they call up pretending to be from a telecoms company.
The sorry victims you'll find catalogued on these pages are as disparate a bunch of characters as the crooks and conmen who targeted them.
Residents can also fall victim when their financial accounts are hacked using the banking information they had unwittingly shared with the conmen.
It was created to stop people being ripped-off by ticket touts - but now the conmen have also joined the site.
So, these conmen found the perfect way to plug the loopholes -- create a machine using the unique pair of any merchant's UTId and UMId.
In order to gain the confidence, the conmen would ask the aetargetsAE to hand over a small amount u around Dh5,000 u which they wrapped in a piece of paper and with a sleight of hand in the dark, would produce a aemysteryAE packet.
In the past two weeks we have seen two examples of conmen posing as Yorkshire Water workers tricking their way into homes in Bradley.
The conmen, who convinced their victims they worked for the 'water board', struck at Witton Gilbert and Bowburn villages near Durham, between 3pm and 3.
TODAY the ECHO exposes the conmen behind a lucrative parking scam in Liverpool.
CRUEL conmen are trying to sell first aid kits door-to-door - claiming Government backing for their scam.
There are more early starts for Conor Woodman (left) as the reporter joins a dawn raiding team in Surrey out to capture conmen who are targeting the elderly.
CONMEN and rogue traders are exploiting hard-pressed consumers desperate to cut costs in the tough economic climate, according to a new report.