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The connotation of tokhang among the majority of the masses is killing.
Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) mean when it says that two marks are similar in terms of appearance, connotation, and commercial impression?
Anelka has agreed not to perform the celebration again after West Brom conceded the gesture had caused offence, but the French striker has denied the salute had any anti-Semitic connotations.
A statement from FA chairman Greg Dyke said Hodgson had their full support and added: "He was not making comments with any racist connotation.
He has made clear there was no intent to say anything inappropriate, and he was certainly not making any comments with any racist connotation.
Although Hodgson was said to be furious about his tactical advice being misinterpreted as having racist connotations, the FA are not believed to be pursuing a hunt for whoever leaked it, according to the report.
He also defended using the term "queen," stating that it did not have a homophobic connotation.
The term 'dumb' - also meaning unable to speak - has the negative connotation of stupid, or simple-minded.
Colouring meaning; collocation and connotation in figurative language.
The first line of the German national anthem has Nazi connotations and has been ignored since the end of World War II.
The connotations of a word are those associations connected with a word-form that are emotional in character and which are not necessarily part of the definition of the word in question" (Warren 1988: 80),
All of the women rejected allegations the session on March 28 - secretly filmed by a fifth woman, known as 'Woman E' - had any Nazi connotations.