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Psychiatrists identified the primary cause of neurasthenia in men as overwork, which carried positive connotations, and in women as reflex results of reproductive disturbances.
Motorcycles have traditionally carried some negative connotations and experienced a fair deal of social stigma.
Before a hovering ledge of solid earth, the foreground dissolves into a miasma of bright gases, a void matching the sky's depth and countering its aspirational connotations.
Deeper kinetic exploration of the hanging premise before seeking emotional connotations would have yielded a richer movement palette, perhaps.
Still, board President Janice DiFatta said that connotations of words have a valid place in the discussion.
The OED gives "parody" connotations of both variation and burlesque, and "imitation" connotations of both counterfeit and musical repetition, but for the musical technique at hand no reference for either.
Although Christmas trees once carried religious connotations, today they typify the secular celebration of Christmas.
Arceneaux seems intrigued by vast space and the connotations thereof, but, predictably, finds the terrain hard to navigate, attempting to consolidate his work via a capricious fusion of intellect and intuition.
But students said they've met with administrators who are concerned about connotations of the word ``party.
Only two of the figures, the Witch and the Whore, carry negative social connotations, but even their depiction in the manuscript (unlike the printed text) is ".
The sense of experimentation that permeated the piece at its company premiere is likely to last because the choreographer refuses to let either the performers or the public become distracted by the movement's connotations.
Beecroft's performances have become increasingly complex, richer in connotations, and more tied to their contexts.