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36) In 1953, the Court explicitly stated that a claimant seeking conscientious objector status must first establish a prima facie case of entitlement to a conscientious objection exemption.
Kevin Ramirez, coordinator for the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, a group that advises and supports those in the military seeking the conscientious objector status, long ago accepted the business of the military's recruiting.
She enlisted three years ago, and in 2004 she requested conscientious objector status.
I served as an administration specialist for all of my 26 years, but President Reagan removed the conscientious objector status for military personnel.
If a draft was reinstated, Berner said he would file for conscientious objector status or flee to Canada.
A SOLDIER who refused to return to Iraq because he was disturbed by a gunfight that killed innocent civilians has reported to the Florida National Guard in preparation for seeking conscientious objector status.
The rising numbers of Catholic men claiming conscientious objector status also suggests that the CPF was somewhat effective in changing Catholic attitudes toward not only the war, but a Catholic's duty to his or her country.
A military volunteer can, and should be able to, claim conscientious objector status, provided he does so when first enlisting, requesting a military occupational specialty, which is a non-combat-related field.
A GROUP of train drivers are claiming conscientious objector status after refusing to drive military locos loaded with arms for the Gulf.
He discovered that the Selective Service bureaucracy treated applicants for conscientious objector status very unfairly, deciding against that path for himself.
To his chagrin, he discovers too late--when he receives his draft notice--that not being a minister also means that he cannot legally claim conscientious objector status.
Draftable for the Vietnam War, he petitioned and received conscientious objector status and did alternate service at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston.