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This sort of contradiction is what makes consensus politics so specious.
Consensus politics does affect political culture by increasing the cost of political participation for voters because the normal organizing features of party platforms and leadership politics are missing; the government leader is not elected as a result of his or her party leadership but is chosen by the whole assembly after the territorial election.
is overly cautious, relies too heavily on consensus politics, and insists there's no conflict between a healthy environment and strong economic growth.
Because the multitude of blips force ideologies to crumble and societies to "demassify," Toffler argues that consensus politics will shatter in an onslaught of minority demands, Decisions that can be decentralized well be, and power will devolve out of the hands of traditional politicians, who cannot possibly remain informed on the multitude of social endeavors.
In the absence of strong, consensus politics, the fear of yet another coup--if and when a severe political, economic or social crisis hits the nation--will not entirely go away.
This is marketed as consensus politics but too often means what the rabid populist view of the moment happens to be.
This inflow has several immediate effects, all of them beneficial to a free inquiry that will in turn aid the gathering of facts conducive to consensus politics.
The theory of pluralism appeared to be compatible with the consensus politics which ostensibly characterized American political life in the post Mc Carthy years and downplayed the role of conflict and struggle in the political process.
In a densely populated nation of 16 million that prides itself in tolerance and no- ripple consensus politics, Fortuyn had set the political stage aflame.
Consensus politics means every decision has to win unanimous support.
Following Arend Lijphart's lead, many commentators describe what is happening in Australia as consensus politics.
We have been assured by the Labour group that it believes in consensus politics.