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We'll bring him up to be a good Conservative, you and I, Miss Cornelia.
In appearance cold and reserved, aristocratic and wholesomely conservative, Catherine Van Vorst, though warm in her way, possessed an inhibition equal to Drummond's.
Freddie Drummond sat in the auto, quite composed, alongside Catherine Van Vorst; but looking out of Freddie Drummond's eyes was Bill Totts, and somewhere behind those eyes, battling for the control of their mutual body, were Freddie Drummond the sane and conservative sociologist, and Bill Totts, the class-conscious and bellicose union working man.
The first category, generally speaking, are men conservative in temperament and law-abiding; they live under control and love to be controlled.
CAF will ensure that the electorate knows which candidates are the True Conservatives in primary elections and general elections.
IT'S THE DEBATE that won't die: the endless face-off between conservatives and libertarians over the tension between liberty and morality.
America's Future Foundation (AFF), a group geared towards ambitious young Washington conservatives like me, usually holds its monthly roundtable discussions at the Fund for American Studies on New Hampshire Avenue.
For the Department of Education, for instance, a cabinet-level department that conservatives had once rightly opposed on the grounds that schools should be locally controlled, federal spending more than doubled in five years, rising from $35.
By utilizing the Christian identity (and rarely acknowledging that views outside the realm of traditional religion are acceptable), liberal cultural Christians ensure that religious conservatives will often be taken seriously when claiming moral righteousness.
In fact, the school was in danger of splitting into two factions: the liberals and the conservatives.
Measuring conservatism along three axes: (1) politics--gay conservatives repudiate the gay movement's affiliation with the left; (2) gender--gay conservatives seek to rescue gays from their association with "gender deviance" namely, from effeminate men and mannish women (although lesbians are hardly mentioned at all in any of their work) and finally, (3) sexual license--urging gay men in their writing to restrain their erotic behavior.
As a result, the authors contend, many of these conservatives garble Jesus' message.

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