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Diagnostic Criteria for Disorders of Consiousness Coma (Laureys et al., 2009) 1.
He suffered a heart attack from which he never regained consiousness.
But it's not the G forces on their own merit that threaten jet fighter pilots, Knapp said, it's the extreme ensuing effects of gravity on the entire body as blood rushes to the feet, draining the upper body and brain of blood and risking loss of consiousness which, for a pilot in the cockpit of a $30-million aircraft, is unfathomable.
Bernet, Husserl's New Phenomenology of Time Consiousness in the Bernau Manuscripts); por otro, hay articulos sumamente especificos que buscan explicitar un concepto determinado en alguno de los grupos de textos de la obra husserliana (p.
Arab Cami is also significant in terms of the publics consiousness of architectural forms and styles, as here the former bell tower was interpreted stylistically as an Umayyad minaret.
([dagger]) includes: loss of consiousness and concussion ([double dagger]) includes: subdural hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, intra-parenchymal hemorrhage, epidural hematoma and cerebral contusion.