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If it hardens before it can be spread, melt it down over a hot water bath, allowing it to cool to 120[degrees]F (54[degrees]C) and then beat it again until it cools to a spreadable consistancy and just begins to thicken.
'We started the season with virtually a whole new team and experimented with different formations, trying a few new ideas and struggled to find any consistancy as a result.
The Whites continue to struggle for consistancy - but Paul Kirk will be hoping for a solid display from his defence.
It was not necessary with the Speer bullet' but was kept for load consistancy. It is absolutely critical that such wads be a snug fit in the case and loaded snugly against the bullet base -- pushing them in a little, then allowing the bullet to drive them into the case as it is seated.
This means that the transmitted pulses are a continuation of the same signal and have phase consistancy. Thus, the receiver can detect the return pulses coherently.
In the past, as we've mentioned, an important role of organization design was to preserve consistancy, stability, and perhaps even a degree of harmony within the organization.
While change is important in furniture products, carpeting and wallcoverings require durability and consistancy. The carpet industry could answer the call with more texture and patterns.
Estimates of internal consistancy indicated that there was no significant change between the original and shortened forms.